Around the Area

There's lots to see & do around here!


Have you ever wanted to walk around all day saying “The Rock” whilst pretending to be Sean Connery? Well, then a visit Alcatraz is on the cards. Just make sure to pretend whom ever is with you is Nick Cage – then you wont feel so bad annoying them after such movies as Ghost Rider.

But, outside of Brett’s fantasy day of walking around saying “The Rock” in a scottish accent, San Francisco is a bustling, fantastic city full of great food, shopping and loads of sights!

We’re planning a trip up there with people staying in the South Bay on October 5th. Either come up with us or if you’re staying in “the city” then we will meet you there for some sourdough and fish tacos at Fisherman’s Wharf. October is one of the nicest times of year to visit SF with the weather being warm, mild and the fog less dense! Now the spiel is out of the way, click here to find out some more.


Around ninety minutes drive from Santa Clara is California’s answer to the Hunter Valley (or the Barossa or Maragaret River – quit whinging). There’s plenty of tasty food, lovely wine and even lovelier vineyards. We particularly recommend going to Boudin for brunch on your way in – you’ll never eat another almond croissant again without wistfully thinking of the one you ate in Napa!

Dont be surprised though if you see loads of gum trees. They are everywhere up there – but there are unfortunately no koalas (or drop bears as the yanks know them as).


Monterey is a waterfront community on the central coast of California with a temperate climate year-round. No, I didnt go to travel agent school its just a cool place. Just ask Clint Eastwood who was the mayor or something down there.

On offer is activities like; kayaking, scuba diving, surfing, whale watching and beach-going. There is also an amazing aquarium if the water is too cold as well as golf, shopping, and driving the spectacular coastline to Big Sur.


There’s plenty to do around the South Bay area, too. We think Santa Clara itself is primarily an industrial and business district, but within ten minutes drive in any direction there is plenty to see and do in the area. We haven’t explored enough to give you much information but here’s a few highlights:

For more about local attractions, things to do and places to eat, check this out.


In terms of getting around the area, we do recommend hiring a car while you are here as public transport leaves a lot to be desired. If you want to chance it, there’s info on how to get about here.